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Huum - Build your own hiring page to stand out from the crowd | Product Hunt

How does your job listing differ from all the other ones?

Getting candidates is difficult. Everyone is advertising to the same rockstars

Your candidates see offers on a daily basis. Why should they answer yours?

Huum is a simple hiring platform for teams that want to stand out from the crowd

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Your own careers page

A customizable career page presents all your openings in one place

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Next-level job listings

Create eye-catching job listings that convert applicants

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A single applicant funnel

Organize and manage all your applicants from a single page

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Control the hiring process from start to finish

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Your own branding

Customize everything to the slightest details

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Perfected templates

Each page is individually designed to convert visitors to applicants

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Full Control

Manage your application process, add comments and define the application questions

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No coding required

Make your unique career page and job listings with just a few clicks

Handcrafted templates to get you started

Every team's hiring journey is different. Our templates match your needs as you grow

Career pages

Quick Pitch

A short and sweet career page for bootstrapers getting started

Up and Comer

A career page for teams on a trajectory

The big dream

A detailed career page for those with an established mission

Job listings


For newcomers with passion and a willingness to learn. Focuses on growth and culture fit


For experts with a skillset. Focuses on benefits and growth


For leaders setting work direction. Focuses on benefits and ownership

Try our templates

Impress candidates in four easy steps

Step 1

Create your career page

Use your own branding and content. The jobs you list on Huum will automatically appear in your career page

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Step 2

List a job opening

Create an eye-grabbing job opening. Share them anywhere with a unique link

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Step 3

Control the application process

Decide what questions you want candidates to answer. Get notified when someone applies

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Step 4

Track your candidates

Manage your candidates through the stages of the interview process. Edit the hiring flow to suit your needs

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Integrate Huum directly into your website

Link your career page to a free subdomain or add your own custom domain

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